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Sun Dried Pickled Egg is available here now. 7 tracks of noisy eggy goodness


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Bipolar Christmas

We hope you enjoy our Christmas single. Our good friends Slade, Shakin' Stevens and Wizzard tell us we have to haul this out every year as it is a British Christmas tradition to do so.  

If you want to join in the festive fun you can:

Watch the video for Bipolar Christmas here 

Watch the video for Amazon Ruined Christmas here

Join in our Facebook shenanigans here 

You can download the single from the following places:



CD Baby

Music Glue


Also available from Bandcamp; the b side, Amazon Ruined Christmas, along with everything else we've ever recorded. 

Both singles were recorded at Soundbyte Studio, West Sussex by Russell Plowman.

The promo video for the Christmas Single 'Bipolar Christmas' and the B-side 'Amazon Ruined Christmas' were shot on location in Ian's Cabin. Produced, Directed and Edited by Ian Morgan with lots of messing around but not much help from Ross, Natt and Alex.

Bloody Mary Christmas!

LA Pebbles On The Beach Festival

Do you remember when Littlehampton had an awesome music festival?

Check out this site that is dedicated to LA Pebbles On The Beach