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Current Atombuzz Songs

Liquid Lunch (from Sun Dried Pickled Egg)
Plastic Princess (from Sun Dried Pickled Egg)
Panorama (from Sun Dried Pickled Egg)
Box Clever (from Sun Dried Pickled Egg)
Cheese (from Sun Dried Pickled Egg)
Jeremy Kyle Teef (from Sun Dried Pickled Egg)

Nitro (new song)
Resistance (new song)
C.R.T.  (new song)
Frankenstorm (new song)
C of V (new song)

Bipolar Christmas (Christmas Single A Side)
Amazon Ruined Christmas
(Christmas Single AA Side - remix on
 Sun Dried Pickled Egg)

Getting On (from the album F.E.A.R.)
Quick To Temper (from the album F.E.A.R.)
Bone Worship (from the album F.E.A.R.)
Deckchairs At Dawn (from the album F.E.A.R.)
This Damnation       (from the album F.E.A.R.)
F.E.A.R.                   (from the album F.E.A.R.)
The Tower               (from the album F.E.A.R.)
Maniac Cop             (from the album F.E.A.R.)
Final Demand         (from the album F.E.A.R.)
Menarche (from the album F.E.A.R.)
One Minute Alive (from the album F.E.A.R.)

Chav Scum (from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
No Fat Chix (from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
S.T.D.                (from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)

A.D. Abusrdo     (from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
(from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
DOA                    (from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
Crisis Intervention  (from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
(from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
Man Beaver             
(from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)
Johnny Be Badd       (from the album CRISIS INTERVENTION)

Riot Riot (From the album DOA)
Fat Slag          (From the album DOA)
Pissed Bloke    (From the album DOA)
Madame Gourmet (From the album DOA)
Better Days            (From the album DOA)
Pull A Pig                (From the album DOA)
Beep Beep               (From the album DOA)
Twist Of The Tongue (From the album DOA)
Hunk                         (From the album DOA)
Lancin Chix               (From the album DOA)

Frostbitten (from the FYG EP)
FYG                         (From the FYG EP)
Gluco Haluso Genso (From the FYG EP)
Carnate Sleeping (From the FYG EP)

Old atombuzz Songs

Exit Sandman (this became johnny be badd)
Why Don't You? (just leave me alone!)
Away from Home (from the FYG EP)
Captain Crispy (from Live at Henry's)
Ugly Bird
(from Live at Henry's)           
TTTM (Tribute To The Melvins)
Insecure Nightmares
Above Inside
Morals V's The Beast
Black Lung (chorus nicked for Lancin Chix)
Round and Round (A precursor to Chav Scum)
Bob's Song (Also known as Kev's Song)
Fuck Off (About the IRA - dated now)
Fucking About (Fuck Off but with alternate lyrics)
Dying In The Rain (The Classic)
The Clap



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