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Gadgie (29)

Atombuzz' F.E.A.R. with dots after it reminded me of the title of an old Fighting Fantasy book where you were a superhero. No dice rolling and losing stamina points carry on with this Littlehampton lot though as they whizzed through a bright and breezy set at last summer's Cheap as Chips festival. Kicking off their third long player it becomes apparent that they are, how can I put this, "all over the shop" in terms of style. At one point it's all sing-along-a-punker, but then they up the ante and a cleaned up Poison Idea influence peeps through. Fast and Furious but with a polished sound that wouldn't look out of place on the bill with Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. In fact, TNS would probably like this lot! I played Volleyball in Littlehampton once and when I used this as a drunken heckle they seemed bemused ... bonus points for a, no matter how ropy, cover of Kim Wilde! 

Lights Go Out

Atombuzz - F.E.A.R. (Self- Released)

Damn impressive punk rock, with a steady 82 feel about it. Atombuzz have been together around 20 years and you can really tell that they mean this. 12 tracks that really do scream out, grab you by the throat and demand you pay attention to them. A nice powerful guitar sound and really passionate vocals to boot. I am definitely a fan of this album especially with the fact that their songs offer social awareness content too. There really is nothing not to like about this album. I definitely urge you 80s punk rock lovers out there to check this shit out. Pick this one up for sure. For fans of Poison Idea, Discharge, On Trial UK and Rebellion.

Mr T.

Amazon Review:
The new album from Atombuzz contains some gems,none more so than the country tinged Deckchairs at Dawn.It marks a departure from the 70's influenced punk that runs through the rest of the album and gives you a taste of the talent Atombuzz actually have to offer. The track lends itself to Johnny Cash and if he'd come from Littlehampton I reckon this is what he'd have sung about. If you want noisy punk then buy the album,if you want the real gem on the album, buy this track, Deckchairs is a classic!

Savage Amusement Zine

This comes in a slimline case and the cover screams 'shout shout arrrggh' but don't judge a book by its cover as this is not annoying talent-less thrash with interchangeable adjectives concerning war. In fact it's pretty hard to pin down. Some songs are a bit rocky with the odd metal lead but most of it reminds me of heavy UK90s street-punk bands like Suicidal Supermarket Trollies, you can throw in a bit of English Dogs, Poison Idea and GBH (though this is definitely better than the stuff they did after the early 80s) without aping them in any way. It has a good crisp sound and the singer (when not straying into rock territory) has a good powerful voice & there's some good bass-lines here & there.

Positive Creed Review

Black Flag and Minor Threat immediately hit me upon hearing this with a short yet direct approach to doing things. Out of the 12 songs there are a few which stand out like One Minute Alive and Bone Worship but overall this sounds a bit too similar and doesn't get me going. A few adjustments would make a massive difference to this album which might sound a touch harsh but that's how l see it and it frustrates me to hear a talented band getting tangled up in the one speed punk dimension.

(Rob) 6/10
Positive Creed £1 from PO Box 777, EX1 9TU, Exeter, England

Barbies Dead Fanzine 

Looks like a well-produced DIY project. 15 (12) fine and varied punk tracks that helped me thru a boring day of decorating the bathroom! There is a maturity to this that suggests the lads are not a new as in young fresh faced band, looking at the mug shots in the sleeve that's probably true. This is one of the best CDs that I have received in a while and you can check it out in all the usual places, Facebook, twits and MySpace. Cheers Natt!
Barbies Dead 50p from Woodhouse, The Aquare, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9BW

Punktastic Review

As you can see from the stupendously cheaply produced cover art looming over this review - a V for Vendetta Fawkes mask superimposed over a photo of the Tienanmen Square protests - this band may fancy themselves of an anarchic slant. However, unlike genre forebears like Crass or Dead Kennedys, there is little revolutionary material to be found within. This is fairly bog standard three-chord punk, delivered with the sort of malicious intent that would happily spit in your mohican and drown you in flat lager for good measure and aside from Deckchairs at Dawn, a virtual retread of The Stranglers 'Peaches' the songs go absolutely nowhere. The opener, Quick To Temper, for example, repeats and identical verse-bridge-chorus over 4 interminable minutes. This band have been slammed on this site previously for cheap and childish attempts at humour; the only joke I can derive from this showing is the singers Estuary affection despite hailing from provincial Sussex. Even a fast and furious cover of Kim Wylde's (sic) Kids In America can do little to save this record's grace. The bands bio list their heroes as The Exploited, Motorhead and Black Flag; in reality this would sit comfortably in a record collection alongside latter-day oi! bands like Cockney Rejects or CockSparrer, but not in mine. Perhaps I am too young and unjaded at 24 to get it, as the final track Getting On reflects, but this raucous noise has well and truly had its day, time to move on. 

Ollie Conners


Review from The Local Buzz/Buzz Internet Radio: 

Sex Pistols meets Motorhead meets The Clash all wrapped into one, Crisis Intervention Atombuzz' second album embraces good old skool punk rock enthused with a modern outlook. That is what music is all about, an avenue to express feelings and emotions as well as views. 

Amazon review

Endtopoliticalenslavement "shootinguptheworld" -This review is for: Chav Scum 

This track is far from being polished Green Day-esque pop punk and a little nearer to being classic UKHC style second wave British punk. Atombuzz sound like they know their contemporaries very well and emulate them in their own style. 'Chav Scum'is a quick irreverent aural attack on the less than intelligent sub society of tracksuit wearing pro free breeding pond floaters that litter the streets around the UK. Musically they represent something between classic Test tube babies humour mixed with the sound of Chaos UK / Discharge with a metallic taste. This track is comedy based obviously and delivers a good gag or two. Fast paced guitar and beat with an obviously stolen chorus melody. Atombuzz, plagiarism is your friend and now so am I.

Atombuzz review by Band Assist: 

Smashing out of the 'Sussex Rivera' come Hardcore 4 piece Atombuzz. Their music reeks of bar room brawls, attitude and raw power. These boys have been holding the flame since 1993 and already have a good couple of albums under their collective studded belts. Plus with title like 'Chav Scum', 'Riot, Riot and [email protected] off' you just know these boys are not holding back. Punk n proud. If you like your Punk hard get on their MySpace now as they have tons of free tracks for you to listen to and they are well worth your time. 'Crisis Intervention' crashes and stumbles along in chaotic brilliance with a strong bass line and pounding drum track, not to mention some cracking Rancid-esque shouting vocals.  A classic live track I am willing to wager. This is the Atombuzz boys at their most accessible but far from selling out; they make you buy from them!

Another cracking track to get into is 'No Fat Chix' how could we ignore a track like this. A bit more shouty than the last offering but some great stops, accents and cool ideas in this song keep it interesting and make sure the Buzz boys remain interesting. Whilst there are plenty more notable tracks it is well worth pointing you to 'Riot, Riot' which actually is the perfect soundtrack to a riot. Fast, furious and some awesome guitar work makes this another stand out track.

If you like your punk fast, furious and most of all fun, get your Buzz on!


Atombuzz review by Synthetic Sounds Review (Myspace) 

I'm not going to do a track by track review, just more an overall reviewYour songs show you being creative and adding the structure with the absolutely classic she?s a lesbian hahaha. It?s like a paralytically drunk night out for me with crazy stuff pouring out of everyone?s mouths pouring out your mouth and everyone constantly pissing themselves, some of the lyrics are crazy though but I must say keep it up!

Review for Decade Of Alcohol from Killer Dienamite Magazine

Real punk is not Fall Out Boy. Real punk is not inoffensive lyrics about love. Real punk is offensive, fast and contains a lot of shouting- Atombuzz are real punk! This album is far from perfect but it is amusing in every way and you can tell Atombuzz are having fun playing their music. The lyrics make it an even more enjoyable listen and the music isn't half bad either. Atombuzz are here to show everyone just how punk is supposed to be done, and they do a damn good job at it. It?s really good actually, really impressed."


Punky Pompey Xmas Party - the Milton Arms Barn 14/12/2013

Sussex based Atombuzz have been around for a while and have probably drunk a lot of beers together which has a big influence to their take on the punk world as they sing great punk songs about drinking beer... With the speed drumming there's a metal element to Atombuzz and the cross over between metal and punk makes them a fun band to listen to, and although charity single 'Bipolar Christmas' may not be the only festive song this evening it does however have that swaying from side to side feel that is associated with many Xmas tunes. 

Just as Atombuzz finished their set on a couple of more fast and furious punk tunes there was time to sneak into the front bar.  

Nick Hatton from I Made This Records

Atombuzz are a really down to earth band. Polite, professional and very easy to work with. Their stage presence and attitude has made them a pleasure to put on many times. 

New World Order show on Total Rock Radio: 

Atombuzz, like the punk version of Steel Panther, fucking great!


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