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After 25 years, countless gigs, lines ups and swearing, we've decided to call it a day - Thursday I think it was. 

No bust ups, no fights, some tantrums, lots of musical differences but none of this mattered in the end, we just felt the time was right.  

Well, much like the parrot in the sketch we have ceased to be. Thanks to everyone who attended a show, bought a CD or booked us over the past 25 years. A satanic resurrection rite will be attempted next spring equinox but don't bank on it working. Loves ya. See you at the bar x

Despite the band disappearing into the ether, the music is still available to anyone that is interested. 
You can get the stuff here. 

The Christmas Songs.

How the hell did this happen?

The idea for the single started on a radio show we were on in Christmas 2012. 

Will asked us if we would ever record a Christmas single, we said we'd never really thought about it but never say never. We could record a cover or write a new classic that people will be singing every December. 

During early spring 2013, Ian had started to formulate lyrical ideas and Alex started writing various tunes for the single. After a while Ian had the basis for the A and B sides and Alex had the song more or less finished. Over the summer Alex fine tuned the music and Ian edited the lyrics until he was happy with them. The remained of the summer was spent rehearsing the A side and finishing the B side, which, although was lyrically complete, the music wasn't ready. After a frustrating day spent trying to force a decent tune out, Alex hit upon the tune for the B, a straight forward, no nonsense 1 minute punk song, sorted!  

Late summer was spent fine tuning both songs until they were ready to record. We went back to Soundbyte Studios to record the songs in October. 3 nights were spent getting the tracks down. Night 1 was spent recording drums and bass. Night 2 was spent on guitars then vocals and night 3 was spent finishing vocals, recording the choir and adding all the extras like Christmas bells, sleigh bells, and violins (sadly the violins didn't make the final mix). Special thanks has to go to Russell Plowman for bearing with us and making sure he got the best out of us during the recording. He also played the sleigh bells on the single. 

Once it was all recorded, Russ spent the next couple of weeks mixing and mastering the songs until he and us were happy with the results. Once we had the song we started to record the videos. A few long nights were spent in Ian's cabin recording various scenes in front of green screens which we then edited during even longer nights into the videos you now see on YouTube. We then set about starting all the promo work, radio, TV, local press and getting the songs onto digital platforms for download. All that was left was to release it, which we did in early December 2013. So, all in all it took a whole year from the formulation of the idea to the release of the single. What a year it was though and it was all worth it. 

Thank you to everyone for buying, downloading, spreading the word, re-tweeting, sharing, liking and generally being awesome during our quest to dominate the charts at Christmas. Unfortunately we didn't break the top 40, 60 or 100, but we did keep the in top 20 on the Amazon MP3 rock charts all week up till Christmas, and we were the number 3 best new release on Amazon all week, so we are all pretty chuffed with this, and it is all down to you so thank you. 

We raised £125 from downloads and donations. 

Video for Amazon Ruined Christmas

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Fantastic song and great fun! A refreshing change from all the usual stuff out there at this time of year. Great work guys, Atombuzz for Christmas number 1!

Catchy, Christmassy and not pop. Reminds me of good Christmas songs by the likes of Wizard, Slade and the Darkness. Tired of bubblegum processed pop choices for Christmas? Try this and say no to Cowell

This is a great, catchy Christmas Song by a wonderfully fun band in their 20th year! Nice one Atombuzz! All for a worthy cause too.

This is an awesome and extremely catchy Christmas song! Say no to the X-Factor and have a listen to this instead :D


Some thing different to listen to whilst doing the crimbo chores. For those that love or hate this time of year

Top class boys, really catchy, finally a Christmas song that I actually like lol and my kids love it too :-)

Excellent stuff! Looking forward to the turkey, sprouts, potato, stuffing, veg, gravy, pudding, cheese, booze, chocolate, coffee and presents already!

this is cool makes a refreshing change from the usual stuff that gets recycled every year. well done guys keep rocking!

I love it. Cheerful, sing-alongable, skillful musicians and the video cracks me up. So good that Beat is getting some attention, as are the band. Great stuff. Well done!

An awesome, catchy festive tune which frequently mentions the word "Christmas" in (a word that has been missing in Christmas songs of the past 20 years). This is a refreshing change to the manufactured X Factor covers our ears have unfortunately been exposed to in recent years at Christmas!

LA Pebbles On The Beach Festival

Do you remember when Littlehampton had an awesome music festival?

Check out this site that is dedicated to LA Pebbles On The Beach


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