About Us...

We (Atombuzz) are a four piece hardcore punk band from the sunny Sussex riviera.
We have outlasted trends, scenes and governments by refusing to give in and just doing what we do.
We play fast rock 'n' roll taking influences from Poison Idea, Discharge, The Varukers, The Exploited, Peter and The Test Tube Babies and more. Society gives us plenty of material and anger to craft our music and we do this anyway we like.
We have been causing chaos since 1993 and in between drinking and splitting up, we managed to record and release: 2 EPS, 3 albums and a double A side Christmas single. 

We are no longer playing as a band and instead prefer listening to Meat Loaf whilst drinking port and eating cheese.  

Atombuzz - The Beginnings


The beginnings of ATOMBUZZ can be found in deepest darkest Worthing, the year is 1993, Natt and Stez (lead guitar) were after a bass player as they had just sacked their last one for being really crap. An advert was placed in the local paper and Steve was soon auditioning for the band.
He turned up on his shitty 125 while his Mum drove his equipment round in her car. After proving he could play (fuck knows how he did that) he was in.
Next they were on the look out for a rhythm player. Steve knew Alex through mutual musical friends and introduced him to Natt at the Factory Nightclub and in February 1994 he joined the mighty ATOMBUZZ.
At the time Atombuzz were playing classic covers PARANOID and CRAZY TRAIN and self penned tunes TWIST OF THE TONGUE and GLUCO HALUSO GENSO.

Rehearsals were had in Natt's parents front room and were often long affairs, pausing every so often for the obligatory 10 minute guitar solos from Stez, this would give the others a sufficient gap to have a drink and a smoke before breaking into the next song. The more this went on though, the more tedious it got, cushions and pillows would be piled up in front of Stezs' amp so as to drown out the sound,
In late 1994 Steve writes his first Buzz tune and their first potential number one, AWAY FROM HOME, this could sell millions. It’s a change to their usual style and different to what they are listening to and it sparks Alex into rewriting FYG (a song from a previous band), their second potential number one.

Stez, not happy with this musical change in direction and after seeking advice from friends of the band, leaves.

Chapter 2, The Writing Stage

The boys decide that they should look for another lead player, and after a little searching find Debbie, a local guitarist. She is recruited and rehearsals are relocated to a hall in Littlehampton. Things don't go well with Debbie however and just days before a gig, while they were down the local, they tell her that they are splitting up. Atombuzz reform sans Debbie later that night and play their first ever gig as a three piece in front of an extatic crowd at Flappers. 
After losing the rehearsal hall, due to breaking too many lights as all they seemed to do was play football in the hall they relocated to Lancing's Penhill Center - oh the irony.
Although their style was forming, neither Steve nor Alex was a great singer so the search for a frontman began. It ended very soon and Ian joined in Feb 1996. Ian was a friend of Atombuzz and back then a fan too. His attitude was great and was perfect for the Buzz. His first gig was a week after joining and so as not to pressure him they decided to share vocal duties on various songs, a thing which carries on to this day.  
Alex, Steve and Natt took over writing duties after Stez left and begin to bash out more could be top ten singles; PULL A PIG, FUCK OFF, FAT SLAG, FROSTBITTEN and CARNATE SLEEPING are all from this period. CARNATE being the first song that ATOMBUZZ wrote as a whole band.
1996 saw the band fill venues across the south, getting banned from a few in the process. Such was their live reputation that if they were seen in public without their stage gear no one could recognise them.
Gigs were lined up all over the place and soon a release was needed to keep the fans happy. After an extensive world (!) tour during the first four months of the year ATOMBUZZ decided to record an E.P.

Chapter 3, The FYG EP

The boys visited Anzak Studios in Brighton to record five tracks. They decided on songs that would show their different song writing styles. These tracks would become The FYG EP.

AWAY FROM HOME was written by Steve, it features Ian and Steve on vocals.

FROSTBITTEN was written by Natt and Alex, it features Steve on lead vocals and everyone on backing

FYG was written by Alex, it features Alex on lead and Ian on backing

CARNATE SLEEPING was the first collectively written Atombuzz song. Originally meant to be a jazz piece, the only thing that survives from that is the intro, Ian on vocals

GLUCO was written by Natt and Stez, it features Ian and Steve on Vocals. Alex had to rewite some of the guitar parts as Stez never show him how to play the main guitar melodies!

And so it was recorded and they saw that it was good. they took it upon themselves to line up a series of gigs and promote the EP. These shows included the last days of The Factory and The Crow Bars last stand, both favourite drinking holes of Atombuzz.

Chapter 4 - The Original Split

Atombuzz had an amazingly successful year in 1996 and for their year end finale the boys had decided to learn a few off beat cover songs like BAGGY TROUSERS by Madness, write a couple of newies and also dig up a few gems from their past like DYING IN THE RAIN and INSECURE NIGHTMARES, however this was not to be the case. (Have you ever seen Bad News?)

New Years Eve 1996/1997, with the band at the peak of its brilliance, lets itself down by falling apart live on stage. It could almost have been planned like so many of their stunts. But at the climax of the show, midnight, Natt and Steve announced to the packed crowd that they are leaving the band. This sparks mayhem and the show is then thrown into chaos as band members fight and refuse to play each others songs, so no BAGGY TROUSERS and no NIGHTMARES, not much of anything after that really. It just leaves Ian singing AULD LANG SYNE on his own and Alex crying into his beer. They depart on sour terms with sour words. (like bollocks and Fuck you cunt!).Atombuzz, like this, are no more.

Chapter 5 - New Wave

Although soon after the split the band could be seen out drinking together again, there was no chance at that time of them reforming and getting back on stage. Natt and Steve were both off doing other projects. 

Directionless for well over a month before Alex and Ian decide to recruit a new bassist and drummer.

Nick S joins the buzz for the first time; having been a fan of the band for ages it was a real privilege for him. It also meant he already knew the songs and didn?t have to learn a lot.
Chris Foggo joined from Alex?s' side project THE CONFUSION and although not as accomplished as Natt on drums seemed to fit in well with the "fuck it" attitude.  

With a new drummer on board and a new bass player Alex and Ian got to work sorting out the next phase in the Buzz saga. Battle of the Bands 1997 was only six weeks away and they decide to enter. Not giving the new boys much time to learn old songs they concentrate on just six oldies and write 2 new songs. BLACK LUNG (about underage smoking) and ROUND AND ROUND (about townies driving their cars at night).Not giving them more time meant the old songs were not really up to scratch and they had to place more emphasis on a show. A whole twenty-minute set was planned out with jokes, songs and ad-libs and a new version of FAT SLAG so that nothing could go wrong, that was the plan anyway.
Its now a running joke that Alex will break a string every time he touches a guitar, well that joke started at this gig, broken during FYG they had to fill up a 2 minute string change with 2 minutes of really shit jokes it worked, it was quite amusing and all seemed to fit in with the plan.

This version of ATOMBUZZ never played together again.



ATOMBUZZ were offered a chance to play a gig in the woods for a group of bikers they knew. Alex, Ian and Nick jumped at the chance but Chris was too scared (he was only young) (actually were not really sure why he didn't do it but he didn't so that’s the excuse used). They phoned Natt and Atombuzz were nearly reformed. During the gig Steve joined them on bass for a couple of songs, and a fucking great night was had by all. Atombuzz were paid in beer so they probably shouldn’t have driven home that night but they did, fuck it they're rock stars!

This all got them thinking again and they all started to spend a bit more time together, talking things over and getting drunk again.


June 1997, The Towns Pride, THE ACOUSTIC PUNKS make their debut, Alex and Steve play all the Atombuzz classics in one long drawn out massacre on two acoustic guitars. Half way through Ian joins them on a few songs, as does Natt. Not the best idea they’ve ever had but it did spark something, a reunion show, something big and bold to either put an end to it or bring it back. Rehearsals got under way at the Towns Pride and costumes were sorted and finally so were the date and venue. December 1997, The Inn on The Prom.

Support band were MOLASSES, who were Ex Buzz Bassist Nicks New Band. This was their debut and although they get into the cross dressing spirit of things they seem tame compared to the make up T.V. crudeness of the headliners who take the stage in their most daring outfits at around 9pm.
Opening with the punk blasts of shit eating MADAME GOURMET and the metal crushing TWIST OF THE TONGUE they blast through and hour or so of hits, drums sticks are lost, bass riffs forgotten, words forgotten, and guitar riffs just fucked up, beer is drunk by the barrel and fags smoked by the crate, A few times Steve and Natt had to be told to shut it as their war of words ("everyone who thinks Steve’s a cunt shout now") and  ( "can I wrap my bass round his fucking head now") got a little out of hand, ending with GLUCO,PARANOID and FYG a musical chapter nearly closes.

23 Dec 1997 ACOUSTIC PUNKS plus Natt and Ian play their second and final show.

ATOMBUZZ concentrate on their solo projects. Is this the end?

Chapter 7 - Live at Henrys

2001, time has been swiftly moving on, the Buzz are limbering up for their first show for nearly 4 years. New songs have been written in this time and the old ones honed to perfection. During rehearsals they record the live at Henry’s cd which is real shit and not even worth the plastic its spun on, if you can get your hands on a copy then you’ve found yourselves a nice coaster.

Chapter 8 - The Freebutt shit gig,

Playing with local band SELF DESTRUCT (Jim, ex The Confusion) Atombuzz are the middle act on the bill. Everything is geared up for their triumphant return, so what happens next is a real let down. Bad sound engineering and dodgy equipment really fuck around with Alex’s sound and he is virtually unheard for most of the gig and as if that isn’t enough, the captain digs in as if its Alex’s fault. Although newies PISSED BLOKE, BEEP BEEP, and LANCIN’ CHIX, go down well the evening is spoiled by the sound and the remarks. Atombuzz don't play together again for years after this.
To be fair, Atombuzz didn't split up this time, they lost the use of Henry's studio as he was a knob end tax dodger. This was really disappointing for them.
Some Atombuzz members took time out from this to get married, start families, some didn't, then came the all important news which brings us up to date.

Chapter 9 - Back in the Saddle

January 2005, Alex starts to set up a web site for Atombuzz, nothing fancy, a free site with a few photos and stuff just to document the band really.  He lets the ex members of the band know and after a bit of interest very soon they decide its time, they are ready to unleash the beast, ATOMBUZZ are to reform. Alex decides to buy the .com for Atombuzz and set up a half decent web site for them, loads of photos, biographies, the lot, and so is born.     

Atombuzz find a new studio in Worthing to rehearse at and very soon word gets out that the boys have reformed and a month later they have their first gig in over four years.
26th May 2005 make their return to the live circuit; a half hour set whizzes by as they play BEEP BEEP, FAT SLAG, TOTALLY RANDOM MAN and many other classics. They are asked to return in a couple of months and also have other gigs lined up.

September 2005, Atombuzz make their second live appearance in Worthing, this time a headline set sees them play to over 100 people at the place where it all fell appart 10 years ago, The Vintners Parrot. Atombuzz blast thru a 45 minute set of old classics and new tunes and new covers. Everyone enjoys the Buzz return to glory and a month later they begin recording their debut album.

Chapter 10 - Decade of Alcohol

October 2005, Brickhouse Studios, Portslade, Brighton,
Atombuzz record 14 tracks, 10 of which become the album, the other 4, covers, will never be released on a special edition of the FYG ep.
The album is titled DECADE OF ALCOHOL (binge drinking and casual violence). 

Track Listing











Atombuzz are playing at THE MUD CLUB in Bognor to promote the album and are busying themselves for a few gigs in Brighton in the summer months

Chapter 11 - Steve's Exit

Atombuzz return to Brighton with Splintered Visions and Martha Gunn to play the ENGINE ROOMS. This is Steves last gig with Atombuzz, he has finally moved to the land of frogs and left the band. Atombuzz played a blinder of a show and gave Steve a great send off. He will not be replaced, Atombuzz are to go it alone and play without Steve. A four piece.
Steve has left behind a legacy of great songs that will continue to be played in his memory, unless we forget. Steve wrote the classics such as, Pull A Pig, Lancin Chix, Madame Gourmet and the Lyrics to newie Chav scum.

Chapter 12 - 4 Buzz Boys Again

Atombuzz headed out to play Worthing again, twice in two weeks. August 2006, OCCASIONS, their homecoming, headline gig, the first Worthing show without Steve. A fucking cracker. Loads of new songs, CHAV SCUM, DRAFTED, DOA etc are played to an excitable crowd. The sound is crisp, the playing is tight and Ian has a new toy! A cordless mic. He is a free man, running the length of the venue, singing in peoples faces - its fucking great to watch.

Next gig A charity fundraiser at occasions, this time with SOURPUSS and LYING SEASONS, Nicks main band.He was a busy boy that night. Atombuzz resurrected a few gems for the gig - TRANSVESTITE was great, sounded better than rehersal.

Atombuzz then head off to Brighton to play with BEST LEFT DEAD at their last ever show and it was very cool. A set of only the newest and finest tracks was put together and went down a storm.

With Christmas fast approaching time was running out to sort another gig out before the end of the year, but our good friend Nick at I Made This Records, sorted out a gig at THE REST for us to play. With the help of KILL ZED (ex muttley) we put on a fantastic show, more reminisent of the old Atombuzz days, with classics and new tracks and a fucking good laugh.  2006 draws to a close and Atombuzz ponders its next move.


January 2007.  It's cold, wet and windy in Worthing and Atombuzz gather once again to make noise and conquer the world.
A gig is sorted out at The Pressure Point in Brighton along with other "punk" bands. Atombuzz rehearse like never before and it doesn't take long until a new song is written, JOHNNY BE BADD, a Natt lyrics and Alex music song and a right fast punk song which will be a classic in its own right. A great verse and catchy chorus along with a great middle bit - superb! (guess the influences if you can)
February 2007, Atombuzz play the Pressure Point, but its not a great gig. Alex and Natt have a car accident on the way to the gig which leaves them a bit fed up. Also a few things are playing on their mind, thus the following happens, - Nick, Bass player for over 6 years is asked to leave the band. Alex and Natt decide that its time for a change. They want someone who is wholly dedicated to the Buzz, who can write for us and has a different style. So nothing personal, Nick is a great bloke and great bassist, they just decided that they want to go a different way.

March 2007 Rossi D joins Atombuzz on bass.

May 2007, Ross plays his first gig with Atombuzz at The Rest also playing are Kill Zed. Atombuzz play a blinder of a set and Ross is the star of the show, His playing has brought it up a level and the boys sound tighter than a camels arse in a sand storm.

With this new found edge, Atombuzz lined up a few more gigs, at the Rest, The Warwick and a big charity gig at Club East for KWASH.

Atombuzz play The Rest, August 2007, and play Johnny for the first time, it goes down a belter. Fuck Iron Flag!!!

They then play the Pressure Point to a full house (almost), along with Soulscream, Next Stop - Crawley, Halloween, A packed out club play host to Atombuzz and Soulscream, Atombuzz play Reprise for the first time and don't fuck it up. They continue writing new songs for the new album, STD gets it premier at the Battle of the Bands Grand Final at the Railway Club in LA. After beating locals acts like mono (tone) and Kill Time in the previous rounds, Atombuzz play an awesome set in front of a crowd of hundreds!

Atombuzz are robbed of 1st place by a bunch of spotty oiks who are shit. Sakless Jack came 3rd behind us. We were not happy.

Time for the Buzz Christmas Break...............

14 - 2008 - A Good Start Followed By....

Jan 2008 Sees the boys reconveen after their Christmas break, and soon are busy working away on new songs and new gigs.

29th Feb, the Vintners Parrot, Atombuzz headline a show with a ferociuos 30 minutes set of non stop oldies and new songs. Steve, back over from France for a while, joins the boys on Lancin Chix. Shame he can't remember the words.

1st April, Atombuzz head back into Brighton to play the Pressure Point again. Armed with a new found confidence and enthusiasm they will knock Brighton for 6..........unfortunatly, nobody turns up for the gig, the other bands not being local, therefore do not bring a crowd with them. This spurs Atombuzz into deciding they need a break.

Atombuzz call time on gigging for the next three months. Alex is busying himself waiting for the next Buzz baby. Natt and Ian concentrate on writing lyrics for a new batch of songs which Alex and Ross will convert into Atombuzz Gold.

Atombuzz will be back...............

........................ Atombuzz are back.........

May 2008, Atombuzz return to Ivy Arch to rehearse and write for the Album and next few gigs.

Already armed with lyrics and ideas, they put them to work. The Result: A.D. Absurdo, Crisis Intervention and Man Beaver/Man Eater. Pure brilliance from the boys once again.


Atombuzz enter a battle of the bands competition for the first time since coming secong in the Cravin Tunes BOTB last year.

The winner of this get to play at the LA Pebbles On The Beach Festival in August on Littlehampton Seafront. Armed with a set of pure classics, Atombuzz descend on The Dolphin in LA. Also playing are Souled as Scene and The Lost Boys. Atombuzz kill em dead, wipe the floor with them and beat them all. The pub is awake and loving the set. Playing 30 minutes or pure brilliance and self edited songs (there is kids about), and still managing to add Lancin Chix and Fat Slag into the mix without losing any of the aggression they are renowned for. Needless to say they won hands down. (TBH- the other bands were fantastic too and if the boys hadn't been on top of our game that night they would have shit it)

The Pebbles Festival is on 23rd August 2008 on LA seafront.

7th August, Atombuzz play a Pebbles preview showcase at The Crown in LA along with other bands from the Pebbles bill. Atombuzz open the night with a 40 minute blast through old and new songs. After the other bands have played, they are asked to do another set to round the evening off, they oblige and blast through another 20 minutes of pure punk mayhem. A good time was had by all.

21st August they have a warm up show planned at the Vintners Parrot in Worthing, this will be an all out Atombuzz assault.

23rd August LA PEBBLES ON THE BEACH 2008 - Almost a year of planning, hard work and headaches, the time comes for the first (of many) LA Pebbles festivals. Someone's crazy idea in a pub had suddenly come to life, for three days people were working their arses off building stages, sets, fencing, beer tents, buying this, getting that and all pulling together with one main focus and aim: to make this weekend a massive success for the organisers, the bands and the town.

If you ventured to the beach from thurs 21st onwards then you probably saw a lot of people all running about, so busy, so knackered but so excited. Hour by hour the stage came together, the site looked fantastic and people were genuinely proud to be a part of Pebbles 2008.

23rd August, 1pm, The gates open, people start to drift in, 1.30pm, the first band play, the LCS Steel Band, good stuff, Pebbles is here!! the next band play, then the next and the next and so on until at around 7.30pm it's the turn of Atombuzz. By this time the sun has started to set, the crowd has well and truely built up and the band were buzzing, ready to get on stage. And so it came to pass, Atombuzz arrived on stage to applause, Ian welcomed them, thanks them and then Alex started CHAV SCUM, superb stuff. they blasted through 40 minutes of great tunes, got the crowd singing to Kids In America and Sheena,  clapping to Drafted and Alex dedicated Better Days to his daughter (as it's the only one she used to like). The young children liked it too,  for the Buzz Babies it was the first time they had seen their dads play and they thought it was fantastic.

Special thanks has to go to Rob Weller, who came on stage with the Buzz dressed as Pebbles the Fish, playing his guitar during a few of the numbers, It looked great and the pics from that are magic.

Also thanks to: Kev W, Fergi, Stew R, Mark L, Claire B, Mike F, Catherine F, Christine B, Brett W, Alex, Matt, Alan B, Frankie D, Andy (bar), the other bands on the bill, the crowds, the sun everything!!! We could name everyone but it would be an endless list, please dont be offended if we've missed you out as you are all fucking stars!!!!!

Rock on Pebbles 2009!!!

A most enjoyable set, a superb weekend, great support, great music.


27th/28th September, Atombuzz once again enter Brickhouse Studios in Portslade to record the follow up to DOA.

The new album "Crisis Intervention" is recorded in much the same way as DOA although the improvements in technology in the studio along with the engineer aid us no end.

Managing to get through 11 songs over the two days and mix it to a half decent stage, Natt returns a week later to remix and master the Album. Sheena T provides the Buzz with superb artwork for the album and it then goes into print production.

The album is released on 1st February 2009


Tina and Thekla have a monday night show at, the show is called new world order and is dedicated to up and coming unsigned bands. Atombuzz were contacted a while ago as the girls had received a copy of the DOA album, it was left on their desk by person or persons unknown and was aleft on the bottom of the pile due to the crap artwork the boys had on the cover.
It finally rose to the top, the girls listened to it, they loved it and the rest as they say is history. Played almost on a weekly basis tracks like Pull a Pig, Riot Riot and Madame Gourmet became listener favourites, so when the boys released Crisis, they sent it to them. Unsure at first (its a grower) they started playing No Fat Chix on air, a few weeks of this and a growing listener base saw the girls invite Natt for an on air interview, he duly obliged, was fantastic and there are now 5 or 6 tracks on rotation on NWO show.


Despite Crisis Intervention only being on the shelves for a few months, Atombuzz have already started writing for the next EP, two songs, Maniac Cop and Final Demand are again a little different with out being different from the last songs. 

2009 is a relatively quiet year on the gig front, lots of promoters have given up or pubs and clubs have turned into trendy fuckwank eateries. Atombuzz concentrate on polishing their set an Natt starts writing lyrics furiuosly. Ross starts writing for the band also and comes up with the first full song, previously contriuting to arrangements or filling in songs, He and Natt write The Tower, which then spurs Alex on to Write F.E.A.R. with Natt. Half a new album is already written.

August 2009, Atombuzz again play LA Pebbles, this year going on in the dark - woooooooo-. Final Demand and Maniac Cop are both played live for the first time and go down a storm, very positive. Only playing tracks from Crisis, with the exception of the newies, Atombuzz gather many new fans that day, and many gigs too. A busy end for 2009? Damn Right! Dissapointingly, Atombuzz had to pull out of a couple of gigs at the end of the year due to illness and the BOTB that they had entered got messed around so much due to the weather and other bands commitments that they had to pull out of that too.


2010, and Atombuzz start the year with an audition for Live and Unsigned. Turning up at at The Hove Centre at 9am and being the first band in front of the panel, the "Basically, it's a no guys" came at no surprise and this one was chalked down to experience.

More gigs have been lined up and the boys are still writing for the new release. Maniac Cop, Final Demand, The Tower, F.E.A.R. and This Damnation are already in progress and coming along nicely.

The first real show of 2010, we play our first ever gig at The Hobgoblin in Brighton along with Sak-less jack, Skurvi and others,it's a great night and we play a blinder. We've now been lined up for a couple more shows there. Pebbles is in the pipeline too...

Skurvi, the band we played with at The Hobgoblin have asked if we'd like to play at their festival in September, we, of course, said yes. Skurvi have been good to Atombuzz in 2010, we have played a few shows with them this year. Brighton Punk Project (james finerty) has lined us up to play The Lecturn in Brighton along with ASBO Retards, Another Day Lost and Sakless Jack, we played and it was a great show. We have also been asked back to play the Skurvfest showcase with Skurvi, Sakless Jack and ADL and again it was a blinding show. We love these bands.

Pebbles 2010 is soon apon us and we play at around 5pm to the biggest crowd of the day. We open with a new track, Deckchairs At Dawn, a Johnny Cash inspired take on Littlehampton, we sat on bar stools for the song and confused a lot of people as they were not expecting that. We then blasted through a set of new and newish tracks and even played the theme from Horrid Henry for the kids, which went down a storm! Although the weather on the day wasn't great, we have fun and enjoy the sights and sounds of Pebbles 2010, alas though, it will be our last event that we are involved with as we are hanging up our Pebbles boots.*

September see Atombuzz play a metal night at The Hydrant for Jackhammer, it was an odd evening as we were on the bill with a load of Metal bands, despite that we do our thing and have a blast, we also play FEAR, a new track.

The week after is the weekend of Skurvfest, an event put together by Skurvi at Coombes Farm in Lancing. 15 pissed up punk bands let loose on a farm all in the name of charity. Atombuzz open the first ever Skurvfest and play a cracking show, adding in new songs, old songs and covers. What a cracking weekend it was, We enjoyed a weekend of excessive drinking, swearing, eating, new friends, breasts, good punk, missing teeth, fat punks in thongs, head wounds, Kunt and The Gang and a bass player who goes rambling pissed in the dark and falls over quite a bit. Nice one Skurvfest! 

Last gig of the Year was at The Hydrant with Skurvi and The Barracks. A cracking gig, a few old faces and Skurvi getting barred from the venue for a messy set.

2011 Beckons...


2011 Begins with a whimper, no gigs, nothing on the horizon. One comes in, we take it, mull it over and reject it. 2010 has given us the opportunity to make new contacts, these contacts are now coming good.Could be good for us this year. 

Sod the Ep, as we have 10 tracks ready to record, Maniac Cop, Final Demand, This Damnation, Deckchairs at Dawn, FEAR, The Tower, Menarche, Bone Worship, Quick To Temper, Getting On and One Minute Alive plus a few more in the pipeline. This will be the best (and longest) Buzz album yet.

We are also featured on a Charity download compilation for the Japan Tsunami relief effort. is a three volume set of punk tunes available for download now. 

A multitude of gigs have already been played this year, including our first journey out of Sussex. We play Kingston with Emergency Bitter and Skurvi, also booked is a Brighton date with these two bands also. In fact Skurvi and Atombuzz (so far in 2011) have played 4 gigs together, and there is a festival in Skegness that we are both playing at. (we have also played Bognor, Brighton, LA a few times) Brilliant gigs all of them. 

Alsa booked gigs further east, Hastings was fun then we returned to LA again before playing in Worthing and back to Brighton again for another gig with Skurvi and Emergency Bitter.

Lots gigs booked throughout the remainder of the year (it's the busiest we've ever been) and the studio is booked too. 12 Track album will be released early 2012

F.E.A.R, the new album from Atombuzz was recorded over three nights at Soundbyte Studios in Lancing! 12 tracks were recorded, 11 originals and a cover of Kids In America, a live fav. The mixing was done outside of Studio hours and the mastering was done on a freezing November night and the result was brilliant. The album sounds superb, every track a killer (no filler). 


2012 starts with us being all rock n roll and having an official photoshoot for the album by long standing good bloke Lee Taylor. Artwork for the album is finalised by long standing good girl Sheena Taylor. First gig of the year is booked to coincide with the album launch (a support slot to prog rockers hAND). So there we have it, f.e.a.r gets its official launch on 26th Feb 2012.
The album receives positive reviews and the first pressing sells out within weeks so a second pressing was ordered and starts selling immediately. More gigs are booked in Littlehampton and Worthing and the new material goes down a storm. We've also managed to get a slot on this years Winkfest in November along with Punk icons Peter and The Test Tube Babies which will be fucking awesome!

We've just started writing new material for the next release (we think this one will be an EP!). The new songs Nitro and Liquid Lunch are in your face punk songs with lyrics to match, hear them at a gig soon!

After last years, play anywhere policy, this year we have been choosy about our gigs, so potentially the last gig of the year (reasons for which I am not going to go into on here) we wanted to make it special. We asked Emergency Bitter if they would like to make the short trip down from London to support us in Littlehampton, they said yes and it was a fantastic night of drunken punk rock with chickens and belly dancers!

Ah, well, it seems that the above was not our last gig of the year. We have got ourselves a gig at Bar 42 in Worthing with Worthing's very own X-Factor contestant Eddy String. Also playing are Our Fallen Hero and Pyro. The venue fills up nicely ready for Eddy to take the stage, he does, the jailbait goes wild, he leaves the stage, the jailbait leaves. The venue is next to empty, however it soon fills up with regular noisy people and the drinking commences. We take the stage around 10pm and blast through an hour of old, current and new songs. Eddy joins us for Ramones cover Sheena and also our own track Crisis Intervention (which he knows better than Ian!!!!)

Last gig, done.
December, Alex and Natt are invited to appear on Chi FM's new music show, which is broadcasting over the Christmas period to the local area (an online). Will and Luke talk to the boys about all things Atombuzz,play a couple of tracks and that was that, or so we thought. The trail for the next item doesn't work so we do a bit of traffic reporting, talk a bit about Christmas, chat about whether Atombuzz would ever do a Christmas song, to which the answer was, I doubt it. (see later in 2013 for new on this). All in all we're on air about 15 mins, some good exposure for us. Good interview,nice station!

See you in 2013

2013 - 20 Years Old

Well, 2013. It's here. 20 years old! More of that later though,in the meantime, we are back and ready to make some more noise. First gig of the year, Bar 42 in Worthing with Lineside from LA, Crash Course from Bognor and AMI from Brighton. Very noisy, lots of fun and pointy hair! 
We are still writing new material and the song we are working on at the moment is called Frankenstorm and is reminiscent of Therapy? You'll hear that one live soon enough!
2nd gig of the year, back at 42 and supporting Screama Ballerina. A night of noisy drunken fun. 3rd gig sees us back in LA at The Crown with Telepathetic as support (very strange and not in a good way). Lots of shouting and jumping around and the customary sing-a-long to Hunk and Lancin' Chix at the end, as always, good fun. Gig number four and we are back at 42 as part of their Pangalactic Festival. A five day festival celebrating all that is good with the local music scene. We play on the Saturday night, touted as a punk night (but not quite). We take to the stage early (for us) 6.30pm and playing to a half empty room,it soon fill up with the spastic arm flailing of a few local lads, who, maybe, take it a little too far, maybe not, all we know is they got hauled out while we were playing Beep Beep, got shouted at while we were playing Riot Riot and the Police turned up as we were playing Maniac Cop, not sure we could have timed it better. We hope that this festival works for Mark and for 42 as its a cracking little venue, fingers crossed. 
Next gig and back at The Crown for a Bognor Rox showcase event with a few other bands, Bad Billy Band, Icarus Falls and Hawka Hurricane,hopefully we'll get to play the main event this year. New song Frankenstorm get an airing at the gig, it's a monster!
Gigs coming up thick and fast now, Barnhamfest 2013 in the middle of June, lots of punk bands, playing a hotel in Barnham for the hell of it, yeah why not? Count us in!
End of June a Fundraiser for a local chap who was fundraising abroad when he had a horrific accident, so that's for a good cause.
It was 20 years ago today, or there about. If you've read from the top, you'll know all about it. We got some friends together, got a venue (Bar 42 - they're good to us) got two other cracking bands (Skurvi and Emergency Bitter) and blasted our way through some really old songs and some really new songs, even giving Pull a Pig a rare airing (the gig was billed as the last chance to hear that song live - although time will tell) We covered a Skurvi track - War On Peace, which we had done a few times, we also covered Doris by the Emergency Bitter boys, that was good fun. So after 20 years, what did we have to show for it? Loads of gigs, 3 albums, 1EP and a million friends that we have made over the years, was it all worth it? Hell Yeah!
Late July saw us play our first ever Bognor Rox Festival. We were playing the concept audio stage(the big tent). We were blessed by the weather - it rained. Just before we were due to hit the stage, it started to rain, just a little, we tuned up, we set up,we looked up, it was pissing down, the main stage had been closed due to too much standing water so hundreds of people descended into the tent. It was rammed, we played half an hour of our "family friendly" material. Despite calls for us to play Lancin Chix or Transvestite, which we decided against,we played an encore of No Fat Chix, which was nice. Loads of fun!!!!
August saw us back at 42 with DoC for a nice noisy night, Sept back at The Crown for a nice noisy day, also in September we played our first at the Generals in LA for a Macmillan charity night, and despite piss poor sound in the venue,everyone seemed to have a laugh and money was raised for charity, so all is good.
The last few months we have been perfecting a Christmas song, which we first got the idea for when we were guests on a radio show on Chi FM last Christmas,we had a few ideas and titles which Ian went away with and turned into two set of lyrics, an A and B side. The A side is Bipolar Christmas and is nothing like we've ever done before, the B side is Amazon Ruined Christmas and is like everything we've ever done before. We are going back into Soundbyte Studio in October to record both songs, they will be released in time for Christmas and will be for charity. The charity we are supporting is BEAT.
So, we went back to Soundbyte Studio in October to begin recording the Christmas songs. We spent three long nights recording with Russell at the helm once again. We recorded what felt like a million guitar layers, a million and one vocal layers, bass layers, tons of drums and then we started adding extras. Something we had never done before. Bells, Sleigh Bells, Chimes, children singing,we even gave violins a bit of a go. In the end we were left with a massive sounding christmas song and a noisy little number for the B side. Awesome job recording that little lot, massive thanks to Russ for mixing it and making it sound great. All we have to do now is record the video!!!
Next stop 42, for the day of the dead party, again we play a very noisy set and shake away the memories of the Generals. 
So, back to Christmas, a few nights spent in Ians cabin in front of green screens with silly hats and costumes on for the video shoot, editing is taking longer than expected though but it'll be out for Xmas. The single has been released on itunes etc.
Last gig of the year is down in Pompey for a Punky Christmas Party, so plenty of promo for the single to be had there. Video, done, up on Youtube, 800 views and counting. Single release, top 20 on Amazon rock charts, top 3 new releases that week. Didn't chart but we had fun and have raised cash for the charity. Pompey xmas gig was fun, lots of fun, we'll be back there in 2014. Speaking of which...

2014, New Year, New Noise!

2013 comes to an end with an unexpected surprise, our old manager, Matt, is back from the States and has got hold of us to do some promo filming, we hire the studio for a night and blast through 3 tracks, f.e.a.r. Frankenstorm and Nitro, all of which we record various bits and pieces for videos later in the year. A few gigs to look forward to, a lot of rehearsal and the recording of a new EP.

A lot of gigs and festivals to look forward to this year. Our first of the year is a charity bash at the General Henry's for a local Cerebral Palsy charity, it raises a lot of cash and we have a blast, the next is up in Brixton with our chums Emergency Bitter, a great night fueled by alcohol, punk rock and greazy fried chicken. Then back to the Generals for another charity bash, this time for Macmillan, again a lot of chash was raised, which is nice. Next onto Pompey where we play the Barn with good friends Crash Course, this was very good and very punky, we love it there. As always when we play away from home, we get the obligatory photo of snoozy Ross on the way back.

Next gig is up in Surrey, playing a showcase gig for the Undercover Fest, hopefully this will allow us to play the festival later in the year. Update on this, it didn't help.
An all dayer on May Bank Holiday up next. Loads of bands playing, all organised by Jim, India and Alan. Great fun, great bands, great atmosphere, sun burnt head! 

Studio time and a gig have to be cancelled due to personal issues but the studio time will be re-booked soon.

FFS Rally, Upper Lodge Farm, Ringmer. Around 17 years after playing the Nomad Fest in Midhurst, we play for the Nordic Brotherhood. This time with added beer tent, hog roast, viking reenactment and a stable stage. Last time, a gazebo over some pallets and crate of beer. Good fun, great people, nice bikes! 

A few more gigs come around fast, Bognor Rox for the second year in a row, Back to Bar 42 to spoort Skoisters on their UK tour (with added Skurvi!), up to the HellFire Club in Redhill with Remedy and Iron Tyger (with a Y) then back to 42 for Alex's 40th Bday bash and lastly to the Vintners Parrot for Oxjam!

Next up, recording...

... Russ at Soundbyte is putting together an album of songs recorded at this home studio. He has asked us to be involved so we duly oblige. We record a brand new song for him, Plastic Princess. It will appear on his album in due course. (it may feature on our next ep as a bonus track,it may not) 

That is 2014 over and done with. 


1st rehearsal of 2015 saw us take a step back a reflect on 2014 and what we achieved, what we would change if we could and what we would like to have done if we'd have been given the chance. 
What we would change - we would have played less gigs on the 'a gig is a gig' rule. We played some amazing gigs with some amazing and talented bands in some really fun venues (Bash The Bishop and Alex' 40th at 42 / Bognor Rox Cheers Bar / Emergency Bitter at Fighting Cocks etc) but on the flip side we also played a few with some bands we probably shouldn't have been on the bill up with, not because they were terrible but because, musically we were very different. On reflection this seems like a harsh statement and a tad ungrateful and maybe it is but we want every show we play to be special, we're not in it for fame and fortune, we just want to have fun and if this means playing less gigs then that is what we will do. We've had a quite a few years of working really hard on our set, our sound and our gigs, we're not dumb, we realise that not every band can play every festival going, there is a finite space to fit a seemingly infinite number of bands in, it doesn't work and we're not pissed off at the organisers, I think we're a bit fed up with ourselves. We only do a few gigs a year and we want them all to be special. After a while we started to question what we were doing and whether it was fun any more. Part of our philosophy has always been "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" maybe it was karma, maybe everyone had told us to fuck off. I think we create a divide in certain places, we're too heavy for the punks and too punk for the metallers.....

We reflected heavily on 2014, we had deep discussions about whether we should carry on as a band, if we should change our style, our name, what we play, where we play and other things besides that. We decided that we were in need of a major refresh, we needed to recharge and reignite the spark we used to have and we needed to do this before we just stopped the band altogether. Feeling stagnant; we were bored, rehearsing was tedious, even playing live sometimes felt like it was a huge effort. 
We decided to cull around 60% of our songs (original and covers)  from our live set. We had been playing some of them for almost 20 years and they've just got a bit old. Some people would have been disappointed as some "fan favourites" were in the cull list. After more reflection/introspection, some of the songs on the cull list made their way back to the live set. The most notable omission from live shows is Hunk/Lancin' Chix, we just do not think this song works any more, fun to play in the past but not any more. Positive vibes - we began writing a whole new set of songs to integrate into the remaining set and we are looking at playing live again in the summer. We want to have fun again, and we want you to have fun too.
If you enjoy it, great, if not, well, you can't please everyone. 

First gig of the year, back to the Crown for mayhem with Spookie, Trevors Head, Sweet Jonny and Shiddys, great gig, fantastic atmosphere, fun bands. The live bug has bitten us again.. Next up, Bash The Bishop 2, Jim, India and Alan's punk festival at Bar 42 in Worthing. After last years effort, 2 had a lot to live up to, in actual fact, it surpassed last year 10 fold, we played a new song and a new cover (I Want To Break Free). We loved every minute of it, great to see old friends and make new friends.
Next up, another gig with Skurvi and Sweet Jonny (also Liam Skurvi's other band Pig City Angels) Our first gig in Brighton for four years, our first at the Price Albert. Another new song played, another great night.
4 new songs now in the pipeline, this, along with the other newies equals 11 new (unrecorded) songs. 
August saw us playing in Hurstpierpoint for a birthday gig. We were a bit loud for the venue, not sure they were ready for us. 
New songs Cheese and UNtitled are sounding really good, and it looks like we'll be recording an album rather than an EP!
a few more rehearsals and we'll be ready!
October already and we were back at The Barn in Southsea for a gig with 5 Go Mad (Alan Calver / Luke Warren / Andy Matthews Starting to think about recording the mini album and what to include on this release as we have more songs than originally planned, we think we'll stick with Frankenstorm, Liquid Lunch, Nitro and maybe CRT and CofV as well as a bonus track - Plastic Princess, the song we recorded for the Soundbyte Studio album. Watch this space.../ Jon Lamb and Brian). Great fun, great atmosphere and more new songs debuted (UNtitled). We played mainy newer stuff, but threw a few classics in there too. 

2016 - The Sound of Silence

2015 was a self imposed slow year gig wise, however it was creative, in fact, since we released f.e.a.r. in 2012 we started writing new material ready for a new record. We got side tracked very quickly with the Christmas single and this then took up a lot of time, however once this was done and dusted we concentrated again on new songs. We get side tracked very easily though and due to the sporadic nature of our rehearsals/jams and our gigs through 2013/2014 we didn't write as much or as well as we'd have liked. 2015 and early 2016 has been a different story. We've written as much throughout the last 15 months as we had the previous 30. We now have 11 songs ready for the 2 EPs we are recording this year, we just need to work out the track listing now and when to record them. 

 Recording Time Is Near 2016

Lots of rehearsal time was booked as the recording dates got closer as for some reason we were really not ready for this. The new songs, although sounding good, seemed to be so under rehearsed that middles and ends of songs just weren't happening as they should, still, we are sure everything will be fine! 

May 2016 - A Noise Annoys

We entered Soundbyte Studios one sweaty evening in May 2016 to start recording our 6th release; The Sundried Pickled Egg EP.
It would eventually become a 7 track monster of ferocious noise. The EP was recorded over the course of 2 months. 

The 5 track core of Panorama, Liquid Lunch, Cheese, Box Clever & Jeremy Kyle Teef were completed in the first two weeks; drums and bass followed by guitars. We then completed guitar overdubs and multi tracks over the next week. Plastic Princess was recorded in 2014 and just needed new vocals and a remix, Amazon ruined Christmas just a remix (this was included as a bonus track as it was on our Christmas single a few years ago) Lastly we completed the vocal tracks over a couple of nights. Natt and Alex then went in with Russ to tinker before Russ worked a bit of magic on the EP. 
The EP was finally released on 2nd September 2016. 

No gigs were played in 2016 at all, the first time this has happened since 2004

2017, time for gigs again

2017 - 5 great gigs, 2 singers, 1 bass player in a fight in a Brighton pub (did you spill my pint?), probably won't go there again. Thanks to Jim for stepping in on vox. 
2017 was a blast, but it was also the year that saw the beginning of the end, frustrations were kicking in for some members, mainly at the lack of playing time and stability. After a year of no gigs, Atombuzz had lost their place on the circuit, this was also down to having to turn down gigs too. 

Despite recruiting a stand in - Jim - and him doing a stellar job at both of the gigs played, one was a write off due to an overly boozy bass player and a fight which happened that reduced our stock a bit more. 

Decisions needed to be made. One more gig was booked, it was a home town gig, it would also prove to be the last gig played by the band. The gig itself was great, playing as a tight unit as always, well received, and good fun. However, rehearsals after this seemed pointless, nothing to aim for, lack of commitment due to other projects, rehearsals were put on hold until 2018. 

By the time 2017 rolled into 2018, the die had already been cast, however it was a little while before anything was announced, instead Alex and Natt ensured they were doing the right thing. After a little soul searching, it was decided and the message was sent to the band, "we are no more". The replies back confirmed the decision was the correct one to make.

2018 - and that was that.

After 25 years, countless gigs, lines ups and swearing, we've decided to call it a day - Thursday I think it was. 

No bust ups, no fights, some tantrums, lots of musical differences but none of this mattered in the end, we just felt the time was right.  

Well, much like the parrot in the sketch we have ceased to be. Thanks to everyone who attended a show, bought a CD or booked us over the past 25 years. A satanic resurrection rite will be attempted next spring equinox but don't bank on it working. Loves ya. See you at the bar x

Since the split, Ross has continued to work with The Bad Billy Band, Alex and Natt have started a new project: Two Tonne Vice and Ian is working at working.